Favourite things to do in London- 6 and 4yr old?

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For those of you well versed with London what are your top recommendations and tips for things to do with the young ones?

We recently visited Horniman museum, I was impressed, reminded me of Hever Castle but better for that age group!

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Hampton court palace
London zoo
Trip from Waterloo to Greenwich on the tourist boat.
MEGABUS Sightseeing Bus
THE SCOOP Open Air Theatre (The Wizard of Oz & King Arthur)
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Museums and zoo. There isn’t much else and they will get tired from the walking easily, especially with how hot it is at the moment.
Emirates cable. Cheaper than London Eye. My nephews loved it and Big Ben is in refurbishment anyway.
Wetherspoons have free crayons for them to use whilst you have a good drink.
Science Museum is good fun.

Shrek's Adventure is awesome for kids of those ages - located on the South Bank. You can buy a multi-ticket here, costs a bit extra but can then visit Sealife too, and the London Eye if you think they may enjoy it. However, if you just fancied one of the attractions, you can use the Kellogg's 2 for 1 vouchers.
London eye, waxworks, boat ride on the thames, wembly stadium tour, open top bus ride, tour of tower bridge, etc. Look online at attractions and buy multi-tickets. All above cost.
Also buy some picnic food and sit in one of the parks, show them Buckingham Palace, walk down the Mall to Trafalgar Square, walk along the thames and tower bridge and the tower. All free. ( apart from the food, but it works out much cheaper and kids love
to have a picnic.
Buy a hop on hop off bus ticket.
So much to do in london and a lot for free or very little money.
If you're in the south east (near Charlton) have a look into the skateboard lessons for Saturday and Sunday. It's £7/Hour, believe Saturday's are usually for the younger lot.


(I actually just started assisting the skateboard teaching).
The science museum is amazing. It’s free entry but they have a wonderlab area for children which is chargeable but it’s well worth it. Definitely recommend the water play area in basement too. It’s the best place for kids & it won’t disappoint
Science museum is great & free. Natural history museum they enjoyed dinosaurs. Also boat trip, cable car.

If on budget could go to Golders Hill Park has a free zoo area with Lemars, butterflies etc. We enjoyed it there. Went when we didn’t have a lot of money so got cheap tickets to go on boat trip. Went to Sky Garden spent maybe an hour here. We took picnic to park. Went to see animals, played bit of football there.
I think the best museum in London for kids that age is the V&A Museum of Childhood. You'll love it too. Expect to be there for a couple of hours.
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Coram fields Park is great with a little city farm, sand pits, playground, paddling pool, zip wire. etc all free. No adults allowed unless accompanied by a child. Enjoyed it last year hopefully still ok and maintained.

Watch Pelican being fed at St James park if you happen to be in the area. There’s loads of parks and city zoo/farms to visit for free. The Princess Diana Playground too.

If you don’t mind paying London Zoo, Aquarium (we have not been yet), London transport museum which has lots of Kid friendly activities & days planned. London eye.

London Docklands is meant to be free & good for kids. Walk around Sailor town. We plan on visiting in couple weeks.

Even Legoland in Windsor isn’t far from London.
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I think the best museum in London for kids that age is the V&A Museum of …I think the best museum in London for kids that age is the V&A Museum of Childhood. You'll love it too. Expect to be there for a couple of hours.

I was going to suggest that too. We enjoyed much more than the kids reminiscing about our childhood.

It’s near Victoria Park so could visit there also for picnic or play with few different things to enjoy. The canal is also near by so could take s brief walk along it. Beyond that Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park though I believe too young to go down slide on the Orbit there are paddle boats, try BMX riding, fountains to play in.
natural history museum
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