Favourite Trigger Happy TV Moment...

    What is your most cherished trigger happy tv moment?
    Id say i have three i remember distinctly...

    a) the statue in the everytime!

    b) they wait for a dirty old bugga' to go into a sex shop and then cover the entrance with a huge banner and a fanfare...theyre waiting for aaaages and then he steps out and they make a huuuuge ruckus about it!! priceless!

    c) theyre stood outside a not too busy supermarket, fanfare and banners at the ready, and tell the next guy that hes their 1000000th customer and he gets a free 1 minute trolley dash! the guy runs as fast as his legs can carry him absolutely trashing the store chucking whatever he can in the trolley...
    in the meantime, as soon as they see him run in, the lot of 'em disappear! he comes out thinking wtf?! and the look on his face..priceless :-)


    C.I haven't seen this one but it sounds hilarious!

    got a link for c? never saw that one

    the dog drinking special brew and abusing people as they walk past, lol
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