February city break

    Maybe someone has come across any nice deals for a weekend break in February (preferably 17-19, 18-20, 24-26 or 25-27 February, but other date are possible too). Any place will do.

    I've found a nice deal in Paris on, but it was in a hotel which I've been to too many times already and I want to take my loved one somewhere else this time (even if in Paris again).


    Have you tried Easyjet flights?

    and booking your Accommodation separate

    To create a cheaper dealthan your package?

    You did not post any details of if you were flying,where from etc & how much it is costing you


    Original Poster

    Well, most of the best deals are with Eurostar (this limits the destinations to Paris, Brussels + few more smaller cities). The price is then usually under 100. I've had a look at easyjet flight, but the prices usually combined with even a chepest hotel are well over 100 per person.
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