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    I have a hard decision to make about my job. I am a nurse and I hate where I work, Politics etc. We are having our contracts changed to go with the times Blah Blah Blah. I have worked here for almost 5 years. The unions are involved and all that business. Just a Question, If your loved ones were very sick how would you feel if that nurse was not qualified to look after them? this is what is going to happen or rather the big bosses wants us to do that so I am thinking chuck it all in and go back to driving instruction. I once loved nursing no joke it was one of the best job satisfaction to have.


    The trouble is the government seems to be constantly pushing qualfication levels down, teachers who have no teaching qualifications (with teaching assistants taking more and more classes) and nurses with no nursing qualifications. Maybe it's so we don't realise how dangerously unqualified they are!

    The NHS is knackered. Only ourselfs to blame. Vote for change.

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    OMG, how spooky is that - the two people who have replied so far are called The Doctor and TheDoc. Do you guys go looking for posts where people talk about hospitals, the NHS, etc??

    Get out of nursing, it's just a place with no pride. There are loads of problems and the biggest is that most of the people working in the NHS don't give 2 stuffs about patients. A friend of ours had a stroke yesterday and was in a coma and it took a visitor to point it out to the nurses!!!! I've a gran who has been in and out of hospital because they keep letting her out before she is well. If she is asleep when they come with her food they take it away again. She got one of those hospital bugs and was left to lie all day in dirt, it took 3 weeks to speak to a doctor about her condition and he firstly had the wrong charts, then said bluntly it would be better if she was dead and then denied she was getting insulin injections even though we had been there when a nurse was giving them. The whole thing is a shambles. At the minute there are no chairs in the ward to sit on when we visit and the nurses opened a cupboard and threw her shoes in on top of her fruit and glasses. Sorry rant over! Needed to get that out!


    qualifications do not make you care, who you are makes you that. From those that i have seen that hold the right qualifications dont know the right arm from their right leg so will leave it at that

    the system id not being run efficiently, every job or business in history has to change, and people should be prepared to move with it or leave,what good does arguing and striking do , just wastes money the only benefit goes to the union.

    can you imagine where we would be if the industrial revolution didnt succeed

    do they still lay old people flat on there back so there lungs fill up with liquid and they die you know LIKE THEY DID WITH MY MUM i placed pillows under her head and sat her up and went for her a drink when i came back a NURSEwas removing her pillows i give her a lecture and theat night when i came back to discover her dead the pillows were gone againi was the first to find her dead the post mortem results were respertory failure when i asked if there was a problem with liquid on her lungs the answer i got was yes (i have a lot of pent up agression over this and the fact that my daughter is dead due to neglect and the fact they nearly killed me) NHS i know what the s stands for

    if i were you i would leave and go private or back to instructing again before all the respect dies along with the nhs

    OMG i'm shocked (proberly not that much at peoples experinces with the NHS )

    I totally understand where everyone is coming from and I would feel the same if not more angry in your positions

    While I agree bussiness have to move forward the problem with the NHS is it has became a bussiness so has lost its values the bussiness and money making or saving has to be took out and the caring put back in

    But as for the OP I totally symathise they seem like a person who cares and people are telling them to get out of nursing common not all nurses are **** its people like the OP nursing needs.

    I,m a nurse although mental health nurse (so not a real nurse in some peoples eyes) my main focus is the patients I work with I personally don't give a shxx about management as long as my patients are okay

    Everyone slates nurses and while I agree there is a lot of bad nurses I have seen a few in my time there is also a lot of good nurses

    Nurses get treated like cxxxx rubbish wages long hours and constently have to take the blame for junior doctors decisions

    not all nurses are good nurses but if we tell the ones that are good to get out of nursing where will the NHS be

    The rubbish has to be taken out of nursing and the care put back in as I totally agree that education does not make you a good nurse because half the so called educated nurses don't know how to talk to a patient or their family . However the majority not the minority of nurses are good.

    While I'm not a RGN and would't want to be because I want to build up a relationship with the patient I can totally empthise with them they are run of their feet and more likely than not don't have the time to build up relationships

    Lastly I have the privlage of working with a consultant who listens to the nurses and patients and families instead of one that walks in once a week does not listen to anyone and makes a decison on a patient they don't even know thats what RGNs have to suffer

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