fed up of ebay - but where else is there to go?

We've all probably had a grumble at ebay at some point
from too many 1p listings with extortionate p&p, to misrepresented items, huge selling fees and their inability to stop repeat offenders taking your money and running off with the item they were supposed to be selling you, or even taking your item and doing a chargeback...:x

but where else is there to go?

As a seller on ebay I'm finding them increasingly ridiculous... listing fees and removed items alike (that appear to not be violating anything and never getting a proper explanation for removal I must add).

So where else can good sellers go?

I know about ebid and use it regularily (200+ feedback) - but is there anywhere else?


The only other one I know of is QXL, unfortunely, eBay own the market...I am also on the 'eBay are evil' train but always gravitate back to them because simply, despite the problems, they have millions of members and are therefore the best place to sell.

Like a lot of people, I am waiting for someone big (virgin, sky, google?) to come along and wipe the floor with eBay!

Amazon Marketplace. They still take a cut mind you, and you have no control over the added shipping costs, and you're in more direct competition with other sellers of the same item but I've had a painless couple or so sales on there so far.

To sign up, I believe you just search the item you want to sell on their site, and once found there should be a button somewhere saying "Sell yours here" or something like that and then fill in the requested information.

It's probably trickier selling there than on Ebay. Your item will just stay on the site until sold or you cancel it so you won't have the certainty of knowing it will be sold by next week (or not), and other sellers may change their prices suddenly and frequently so you may suddenly find that your price isn't competitive or you could have asked more because everyone else's prices have jumped upwards.

You could always set up your own business online and waive any fees

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You could always set up your own business online and waive any fees

Thats in the process... lol:-D

I'm registered on Amazon and sell off old books, CD's etc on there...

But my main trade is jewellery.... new and second hand stuff

Only Amazon.com has the capacity to sell jewellery (if I remember right), and you cant sell there unless you live in the states

There must be some other decent auction sites out there?

(edit) I stand corrected - Amazon auctions lets you sell all manner of items... not just ones with an ISBN code:giggle:

How about ]ebid.co.uk - what's peoples views on this site?


How about ]www.ebid.co.uk - what's peoples views on this site?


I know about ebid and use it regularily (200+ feedback) - but is there … I know about ebid and use it regularily (200+ feedback) - but is there anywhere else?

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Thanks Iom-RF :giggle:

As for your question disease: I personally think that ebid is a great website (just had a revamp which made it even better too). Its free to register, free to buy, and under some circumstances completley free to list and sell.

Not enough people know its there, which can be a problem as sales may go slower than on ebay. But if you are selling lots of low value items then ebid most deffinatley comes out on top. Reason: free to list. For example those people who sell stamp sets on ebay and have to pay 25p to list each set (and thats just on a 10p listing day!), must lose a packet at the end of each month. At least on ebid you can relist them as many times as you want for nothing.

Ebid is slower on sales, but makes up for it in fees and community spirit (take a look at their forums and you'll see what I mean - no griping and b*tching there, unlike ebays forums)

Plus theres nothing stopping you from using both ebid and ebay at the same time. Wether its for buying or selling.

I personally refrain from listing anything on ebay until the10p listing days come up. The rest of the time, I use ebid.

Just looking to expand my sales through as many means as I can, hence why I posted the question,but I'll always have stuff on ebid - why not its FREE?!
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