Fed up receiving damaged items from

    Just received a crushed Band of Brothers Blu Ray box set.

    I've had enough. Never gonna order from the ******* again.

    There must be something we can do about them as I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this. How f'ing difficult is to to pack fragile items properly?

    Trading standards?


    Trading Standards? LMAO

    so the sent it out crushed then?

    Should have gone for the Amazon deal instead!

    Gotta admit I bought loads of stuff from them with none crushed. I stopped using them though because of the slooooooooooow delivery time.

    Awful Company


    i pre ordered smackdown vs raw 2010 and the cover was crushed so i think you have a fair point

    a friend just brought beatles on the wii with 2 mics and got sent ps3 version instead they definatly seem to be going downhill!!

    Original Poster


    Trading Standards? LMAOso the sent it out crushed then?

    No, but it they would have packed it sufficiently with protection instead of a flimsy cardbox box, it wouldn't have been absolutely battered.

    It's not the first time they have done this.

    I'm annoyed with them too. Delivery is so slow compared to what it used to be. Ordered some earphones which have since gone down in price and they are going to arrive too late to be of any use, so I now have to send them back at my cost. Will be avoiding play in future!

    You should express your feelings here too:


    No, but it they would have packed it sufficiently with protection instead … No, but it they would have packed it sufficiently with protection instead of a flimsy cardbox box, it wouldn't have been absolutely battered.It's not the first time they have done this.

    If they sort out the issue to your satisfaction when you contact them - i.e. replace/refund the item - why would you need to contact Trading Standards? :lol:

    They are getting fairly bad. I have had t-shirts in big cardboard boxes before, yet a figure (in a clamshell) is sent in a jiffy bag and always ends up crushed.

    Its just a shame there is no competitors price and stock wise. Sure HMV ,Amazon and the like are good for sale items but as Play are on a year long sale they tend to be better.

    ive never had issues, ordered a dvd drive yesterday and got it today

    I've had stuff left out in the rain now twice in the last two weeks both delivered by Home Delivery Network, one from Play and the other ASOS. It gets annoying after the first time.

    ive never had a problem with even last year i ordered a digital photo frame for my mum and dad in november for a xmas prezzie, 2 weeks after christmas it wasnt working contacted play and sent it back the next day 2/3 days later the money was back in my account along with the return postage amount

    ive ordered loads off them memory cards dvds and toys and they always turn up pretty quick and undamaged

    My mum and I both ordered a copy of Band Of Brothers on blu ray.

    BOTH copies have arrived damaged.

    My mum's came in a cardboard box with no protection - the tin was crushed most of the way round. Sent it back and asked for a replacement. (Postage has cost more than the £1.40 refund)

    My copy arrives, In a box, this time with a decent amount of bubble wrap, Look at the front, yep looking good, turn it over, yep looking good, but get to the bottom right hand corner and the cellophane was ripped off with a big gouge in the tin.

    So annoyed. I rang the helpline and explained that this had happened twice now, and if I got another replacement how could I be sure it would be in a good condition, I just got palmed off that it was in the hands of the courier.

    I would just send it back and re-order from amazon, but I had a £5 voucher used on it and I was told I had to email [email protected] to get a refund on this. :thinking: Both the items are christmas gifts, so really in two minds on what to do. I've used them plenty of times before and dvd's always come in the cardboard packaging but are fine because they aren't going to be damaged that easily. More fragile things should be looked after. I could send 20 copies back and still get damaged ones :x

    Merry xmas :santa: :roll:
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