Fed up with Ebay fees..Watch out for new auction site..www.wibihi.co.uk

i dont know about you all but i am fed up with ebay, its fees are too high, its too big for own boots now....

this site looks like it could be a serious rival to ebay with no selling fees, no buy it now listing fees..low final sale prices...

check it out.. wibihi.co.uk

it goes live on 1st december 2008

look out ebay!



simular to ebid

Bookmarked. Bet it doesn't take off though.


Bookmarked. Bet it doesn't take off though.

agreed, to many of these sites pop up and go no where. have been watching this though, they are having a competition before it opens and whoever puts the most amount of items on there for free will win £100 off of there fees etc

Thanks will keep an eye on it, could be good


nothing like a catchy name to stick in your mind


nothing like a catchy name to stick in your mind


Original Poster

yep..lets hope this one does take off because i think ebay needs to be knocked a little...definately worth watching..i joined and am taking part in competition..fingers crossed

It is live now....
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