Fed up with online surveys!

    Most of them i do i put my age in which is 18 and stuff and it always nearly says i do not qualify!

    What age should i put in so i qualify all the time



    credit check most likely
    or scammers after the oap's ££££

    Try your real one, and see what happens.

    Original Poster


    Try your real one, and see what happens.

    I am doing my real age, i said so in my OP

    I have stopped doing them. They know my age, you do most of the survey then say you dont qualify. Its how they give you 5 points and not the 300odd you are meant to get. And thats why i dont do them any more.

    try 24/25 works for me.

    I have been doing them for a few years and not had that problem. Am 21 now but sure I was around that age when I started and I put my real d.o.b

    Are you sure its your age disqualifying you?

    Maybe you should look at different survey sites?


    Why put your real date of birth? that just gives scammers very personal information about you.

    make yourself older. lie, say what they want to hear.

    i used to do them, but have given up, never got to 50 quid to cash in my money

    if they ever ask you "do you or any member of your household work in one of these industries" always say no.

    and if they say are you in responsible for grocery shopping / bill paying, always say yes.

    I've also gave up... some people manage to make a fortune on them but i've done then for over a year and never got a pay out... I just delete the emails now, total waste of my time lol

    I do pureprofile and yougov, had payouts from both (2 from yougov and 1 so far from pureprofile)

    How much do you they pay out and how many do you need to do to get money?

    yougov £50

    pureprofile £25

    and each survey payout varies, typically 2 or 3 surveys a month if you're lucky

    i do the ipsos ones along with others, got £40 pounds from ipsos but took me a year to get that much, dont get that many surveys from them, just started doing Toluna and have recently signed up for yougov too I give honest info

    i use ipsos and valued opinions and it works out that i get £10 every month, one month its vo then next month ipsos i also do pinecone research but ive only had two surveys since march but they pay £3 a survey into paypal account, they ask if you want to join you cant just join
    sometimes i get loads of surveys and am accepted for loads but sometimes i hardly ever get any, just luck of the draw
    dont even bother with toluna, takes far too long to get anywhere and even then they can miss points off and you have to nag for ages for the vouchers

    i have got fed up to Toluna and have just signed up for Valued Opions and straight away I actually feel like i am being asked relevant questions in the profile stage
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