FedEx £12.00 'Acceptance Fee' Charges Are Unenforceable. FREE Email Template To Get A Revised Invoice

Found 4th Jan
If you have received any items through FedEX and they have been subject to customs or any form of handling by FedEx, check your invoice for any 'Acceptance Fee' additional charge(s).

Usually this 'charge' is £12 (or €12.50). It's tacked on by FedEx and is totally unenforceable.

Use the email template in the link provided. Tailor it to your invoice number, goods description etc and await a response.

FedEx may play hardball at first but you WILL get refunded the 'acceptance fee' charge'. I tried this today and can prove and confirm it works.

Hope it saves folks out there a bit of hassle and a few quid.

NOTE: VAT obviously has to be paid, so this is not a way around that. That is illegal (obviously).…es/
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laplap1 m ago


No worries. I had a letter through the door this morning and thought to query the 'fee'. That's when I did a bit of research and found this template.

Got a fast response earlier today and the fee removed from the invoice, so it does work.
Excellent post
Brilliant post, one of the best posts on MISC, I am thinking this principle of contract for shipping must apply to all carriers including the Post Office.

The carriers have always ducked out of responsibility for contractual reasons as they have claim contractual liability with the senders only and not to the recipients.
I pay £8 customs fee with DHL on top of Import VAT, seems steep especially considering they will bunch up several parcels in one lot to save their own delivery charges.
The £8 - £12 per item is bunce for their shareholders and managerial wages. There is no way the transaction charge is so high when the entire shipping charge per item, moving small packets half way round the world with the immense global infrastructure, is £20-£60 per item typically charged by DHL, FexEd etc. The incremental work on top of this immense infrastructure is £1 is my ballpark guess since supermarket tracks your reward point transaction in pence costs.
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