Fedex duty/taxes questions

    I just want to make sure I am not being conned and there's nothing I can do to avoid paying this American company I work for (sponsored posts on websites etc) sent me a free gift a few months ago as a thanks for taking part in one of their campaigns - a long with it came a letter from Fedex demanding £15.51 in taxes and admin fees - I only just got both these things as I moved house in August and they were sent to my old address.

    The annoying thing is that it's not something I asked for, knew I was getting or wanted - had I been given the choice of paying £5.51 in taxes (the other £10 is the Fedex admin fee!) or leaving it I would have left it - this is how I thought it worked but I have never had one before so maybe I am just being green.

    Basically, do I just have to take the hit and pay it?



    Are the items worth £15+ to you? If so pay it, if not ignore it, they cant make you pay if you tell them its unsolicited items, otherwise it would be easy for people to get revenge on someone by sending a package and marking the value as taxable on the package.

    really think they will struggle to bill and or sue you for tax/admin fees on unsolicited goods, if you don't want the gift tell em that.
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