Looking to place an order from and would like some feedback from you guys



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    God, this 10minimum characters sucks!

    I’d steer well clear!! I had a very bad experience when I purchased an LCD TV from them, they took my money & then never delivered. I have had a very long battle with them to try & get my money back but unfortunately have now had to hand the matter over to my credit card company to see if they can help. I found their customer service non-existent and also found that they are full of empty promises.

    That was my experience with them anyway!

    Welcome to HotUKDeals Jmcdonald...


    It only took 10 months in the end :giggle:

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    Damn, this thread sill exists.

    Anyway, only just got a refund from my ps3 pre-order back in mid March in the first week of September. And like ]Jmcdonald said, had a very hard time getting my money back. No replies to emails and their phone number doesn't even work sometimes.

    Stay well clear of this company.

    Tottally agree, stay well away, nothing but broken promises and lies... ordered a Ipod Touch 4 weeks ago and was told 4 times it was dispatched, told them about comments on this website and was told another pack of lies, got Google checkout to re-imburse in end. I ordered from Amazon straight away and received 3 days later..... thats GOOD service

    I only wish I'd read these earlier - I found this link when looking into this company as I'm currently involved in all of the above sceniarios (trying to obtain a refund on an undelivered Ipod Touch). I paid through Google checkout and so am interested to see that Widnesmick got re-imbursed through them in the end. I have looked at their site, but cannot see a way to contact them or how to go about doing this - it just gives a link to Illstorm, but they have just sent standard replies and are now ignoring me completely. I would be grateful if you could give me a pointer as to how to go about getting this refund via Google checkout. Thanks.
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