Feed the starving everyday without it costing a penny. Annual reminder!

    Taken from Martins Money Saving Expert Weekly Email
    Time for the now traditional Christmas reminder about click 'n' give websites that let you donate to charity for free.


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    How it works: Every day you go to ]The Hunger Site and click the special link on the homepage, its prominently displayed sponsors donate a cup of staple foodstuff to someone starving. Others: There's also The ]Breast Cancer Site, ]Animal Rescue and the ]Literacy site

    Don’t be a muppet like me who having added the breast cancer site to my home page years ago clicks daily and then didn’t realise that the tabs along the top all went to the other sites so I could click all six when signing on at once. Doh!! Oh well better late than never.

    Get clicking daily!

    :thumbsup: :-D :thumbsup: ;-)

    Merry Christmas Berni

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    :thumbsup: :-D :thumbsup: ;-)Merry Christmas Berni

    Have a superb one yourself and a Joyous New Year!

    could you click, go back and click again to get a double taking?
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