Obviously we all want our feedback to grow... But no-one seems to leave it for me even if i have left it for them... I dont want to request they leave it, but everyone moans ooh you have low feedback, but if people actually left feedback i would have more... does anyone else have this problem?


    . . . You've kinda just requested it doing this haha. Just PM them politely asking if they could leave feedback for you. I'm sure they'll oblige.

    Should this be in feedback?

    I agree, is is disappointing when you don't get feedback on transactions. And there is nothing you can really do about it.

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    Should this be in feedback?

    Not to sure where it's meant to be but im sure if it needs to be moved it will

    as scott said , why not just pm them and politely ask them to leave feedback !..........i'm sure if everything was okay with the transaction etc then they will oblige (_;)

    i and probably most other people on here wouldn't mind someone Pming me to ask, so just do it.

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    Thanks PM'd a few, all willing to leave feedback maybe as soon as items recieved i will just let them know i have it also that i have left feedback... this might help
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