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Found 16th Nov 2006
I used…280 duckmagicuk2 mobile feedback post as a template for this - Hope you dont mind!

Good [U AND bad experiences are vital if this thread is going to work!! Please give an [U honest opinion!!…gif

Please post your feedback based on previous transactions you have had with this company, CD-WOW.

In particular, you should refer to the following aspects of your experience with them:

1) Were you were happy with the delivery speed?
2) Did you have any problems with the order itself?
3) Did you get all the discounts (including quidco) expected?
4) Please comment on other aspects which you thought were good/bad.
5) Is there anything the company needs to improve on?
6) Would you recommend them or use them again personally?

Short version for you to copy, paste and fill in...

1) Happy with Del?
2) Any Probs?
3) Discounts?
4) Comments?
5) Improve?
6) Recomend?

It would also help if you could put your post in GREEN if you would recommend them or RED if you wouldn't use them again. If you do not have a strong opinion on this then you may wish to leave your post BLACK.

Who is CD-WOW??

CD WOW! is a relitivly small company "dedicated to customer satisfaction" who launched in February 2000. They ship everything from their warehouse in Hong Kong but it is the same as what you would pickup in the highstreet, only it can be a LOT cheaper! Delivery is 3 to 7 days. They have been voted by the .net magazine as No.2 on 'The World's 20 Best Online Stores' second only to the mighty Amazon.

More information to add to this description?? Please send me a…654 PM !!

External Reviews of CD-Wow……828……593……tml……tml

CD-Wow Contact Info:……php

CD-Wow FAQ:……php

What about QuidCo cashback?

QuidCo cashback with this retailer is 5% when you make your purchase via…est CLICK HERE to view current deals available online with this particular retailer.

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Community Updates
[COLOR=red]Short version for you to copy, paste and fill in...

1) Happy with Del? i've ordered from them on a few occasions and they've never had the product in stock, they keep saying that there is a problem with their suppliers and that it will be in stock on X date, and that come that date another email giving another date and so on for about 4-5 weeks
2) Any Probs? see above
3) Discounts? £2 voucher
4) Comments? N/A
5) Improve? Have things in stock, their customer service is great but they need the products in stock
6) Recomend? show on the website if a product is in stock or not.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=green]1) Happy with Del? All the items Ive ordered have arrived within a week.
2) Any Probs? Ive had one item that was out of stock, but i was promptly sent an e-mail to let me know.
3) Discounts? Discount Link and Quidco
4) Comments? Customer service is great! Very helpful. Prices are great too!
5) Improve? Have stock displayed on website and have better "24 Hour Sales"
6) Recommend? Yes, definitely.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="green"]1) Happy with Del?[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkGreen"]9 out of 10 times, they are fantastic with delivery, sometimes within 3 days mostly within a week.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="green"]2) Any Probs?[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkGreen"] No real probs, sometimes can be slow but not often.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="green"]3) Discounts?[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkGreen"]2 for 1 vue cinema pass[/COLOR]
[COLOR="green"]4) Comments?[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkGreen"]Always have good deals/offers, good prices, and are very fast when it comes to answering questions/problems.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="green"]5) Improve?[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkGreen"] not sure right now[/COLOR]
[COLOR="green"]6) Recomend? [/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkGreen"]yeah[/COLOR]
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