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    Hi Guys,

    My Tag watch needs repairing, I contacted LVMH for a quote and fell off my chair! jhas anyone used the above company? They seem genuine enough, I have called them and spoken to them and have also emailed them as well and recieved a response.

    I am 99% sure I am going to use them unless anyone can advise me any different.…htm

    Thanks in advance - Sara


    i Have never used them , but the owner Chris has given me a lot of advice over the years on certain things, which is enough for me to want to use him, i'd say go for it .................btw what's wrong with the watch?

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    I had a battery replaced at a high street jeweller (looking for the cheapest option) They sealed it but not propably not their fault they did warn me before doing it they did not have the right equipment. Went swimming a year later and some water must have got inside as the screen fogged up! Fog has now disbursed but it keeps on loosing time/stopping alltogether and the hands have faded. They have quoted me £95.00 for a service, replacement hands & re sealing...

    Do you live within reach of West Sussex? There's a jeweller (A one-man business, NOT one of the big chains) in Horsham who is excellent for watch and clock repairs.

    He rebuilt a (highly sentimental) watch for a relative, including having a new glass front made and sorting out the mechanical effects of it being dropped - that was sixty quid complete.

    He's done a few bits and pieces for me as well. Can't recommend him enough.

    s+jewellers+horsham&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=fennell's+jewellers&hnear=horsham&cid=7148200969108960648"]CLICKY LINK

    That's a good price , a battery and reseal is usually around £50 on its own done properly. and my last watch service from a main dealer was £260 but they do a hell of a job.…ce/

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    No not close to Horsham, I live in Norwich. I think maffster's comments have helped to put my fears aside! i will probably send it off in the new year. thanks for your advice guys...

    keep us updated on how you got on?
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