Feedback... how does one go about getting it?

    Ive been a member for HUKD for a while now, but since the site has changed around i still dont get it. How do you get feedback? is it similar to the old rep system of yesteryear?

    And what does all this 'like comment' stuff mean?

    Im confused and scared, but with an overwhelming feeling of promiscuity.


    The feedback thing is for the For Sale/For Trade boards.

    There is no rep system (I don't think) apart from the whole liking comments thing. If you find someone's comment useful then like it, I think that's what is supposed to happen!

    feedback is for buying and selling stuff-its not the same as rep m8

    "like" has replaced rep-you click the like button to approve of a comment
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    Original Poster

    brilliant, then you 2 get a little 'like'....
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