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    Good [U AND bad experiences are vital if this thread is going to work!! Please give an [U honest opinion!!……gif

    Please post your feedback based on previous transactions you have had with this company,…=10 Mobile Club 7 .

    In particular, you should refer to the following aspects of your experience with them:

    1) Was it a Pay As You Go phone, accessory or a contract phone?
    2) Were you were happy with the delivery speed?
    3) Did you have any problems with the order itself?
    4) Did you receive cashback with little or no problems, or did you have to push them for cashback or even take legal action?
    5) Please comment on other aspects which you thought were good/bad.
    6) Is there anything the company needs to improve on?
    7) Would you recommend them or use them again personally?

    It would also help if you could put your post in GREEN if you would recommend them or RED if you wouldn't use them again. If you do not have a strong opinion on this then you may wish to leave your post BLACK .

    Who is Mobile Club7?? was conceived with a distinct vision to provide a platform for the dynamic integration of the communication industry catering to the unique individual needs of the customers in the UK. acts as a fulfilment house initiating and finalising of sales of wireless communication and related products.

    Reliability and customer satisfaction are the driving forces of our business and through our approach of perceiving each individual customer as the most important entity supporting our business we constantly reinvent our products and offers. aims to become the one stop shop for buying and selling wireless communication services and products. As the world enters the age of ultra innovation and wireless communication devices evolve into an extension of us into packets of communication energy, is awake to dawning of the new future of communication individuality. Our aim being choice, expression and value for any wireless communication device and services.

    What about QuidCo cashback?

    Earn £33 extra cashback by purchasing via…b7/ .

    [u Contact Details

    Customer service:
    Web orders:
    Telephone: 0800 0322392 / 0871 7899 777

    Cashback claims address: Read this page on redemptions and follow it EXACTLY. >>‌…=10&…php Click Here…est CLICK HERE to view current deals avauilable online with this particular retailer.

    Think something is missing from this post?? Send me a…280 private message to let me know!!

    To leave or read feedback for another retailer,…930 CLICK HERE .


    What a journey to get my cash-back from this mickey-mouse company - at the start it entises you by giving you the world and when it comes to paying it took me constant chasing and sending legal threats - many of you would run a mile from! From call centre promises and director promises time and time again. BE warned - do not purchase anything from this company - you might end up with a cardiac arrest!

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    Welcome to HUKD. Thanks for the feedback.
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