Feedback on Mobile Phone Retailers/Networks, unlocking advice and helpful info!!

Found 20th Jul 2006
hotukdeals.com/?me…est Click here to view all of the current mobile deals here on HotUKDeals - pay as you go and contract phones from as little as £0!!

hotukdeals.com/for…909 Click here for a guide on how to successfully claim your cashback containing important information and some useful tips.

[U Feedback for Retailers

The retailer's feedback pages include contact details and cashback addresses for each retailer.

The Carphone Warehouse
The Link
The Mobile Outlet
Mobile Rainbow
Phones4U i14.photobucket.com/alb…gif
Simply 3G

[U Feedback for Networks

Three (3)
Virgin Mobile

[U Spare Cashback Claim Forms

Please only use these if you have LOST your cashback form. [U Only use them as a last resort!! I can't guaruntee 100% that they'll work but they're useful if it's your only hope. All claim forms are in Adobe PDF format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system to view/print them. It can be downloaded for free adobe.com/pro…tml HERE . I advise you to print them as high quality as possible, preferably using a laser printer if you have access to one.

mobilemediasystems.co.uk/101…pdf CoolNewMobile (3 equal cashback claims)
mobilemediasystems.co.uk/201…pdf CoolNewMobile (5 equal cashback claims)
duckmagicuk2.co.uk/osp…pdf OneStopPhoneShop (to be used as a last resort only!!)
mobilemediasystems.co.uk/101…pdf PhoneBoxDirect (3 equal cashback claims)
mobilemediasystems.co.uk/201…pdf PhoneBoxDirect (5 equal cashback claims)
hotukdeals.com/go/…=10&d=thelink.com/mar…ers The Link (different form per offer, all archived here)
hotukdeals.com/go/?m=75&u=10&d=e2save.com/pop…pdfe2save.com (the cashback claims leaflet containing a useful schedule and claim vouchers)

If you have any more links to downloadable cashback forms you think will be of use then let me know!! If leaving feedback for a retailer after using one of these forms then remember to let us know that you used a form you downloaded here - we'd like to know how people are getting on!!

[U Helpful Threads Here on HUKD

* hotukdeals.com/?me…est All of the current mobile deals on HotUKDeals in one place!! Click here!!
* How to succeeed with you cashback contract. by duckmagicuk2
* Important information for those taking up a Vodafone contract with CoolNewMobile or PhoneBoxDirect by edi i14.photobucket.com/alb…gif

[U Selling Your Phone On for Extra Cash!! (external links)

There's three ways to do this. Firstly, you can visit a special site to sell your phone. These phones are sorted into good/bad. The poor condition ones are used for parts, good condition ones are sold in Asia and the Estern countries and the batteries are usually recycled in France. These dealers will give good money for newer phones, however if your phone is too old it's doubtful you'll get a lot of money from them. The second option is to sell them on an auction site, free classified ad or car boot sale. This is more hassle, but with newer phones you'll usually get more money. The third and final option is to trade-in!! Buy a PAYG phone from some companies and you'll get about £10 off, sometimes more. Uusually all that is needed is any phone that turns on. It doesn't need accessories most of the time, so it's a useful way to get rid of old phones which can't be sold elsewhere.

Sites that buy mobiles - all sites will offer different prices so check them all:
. mobile2cash.co.uk/ Mobile2Cash
. envirofone.com/ envirofone
. mopay.co.uk/ Mopay
. cex.co.uk/ CeX (they buy other items too like DVDs and Games)
. mobilephonebuyer.net/ Mobile Phone Buyer
Places to sell mobiles privately:
. hotukdeals.com/go/…=10 eBay
. hotukdeals.com/go/…=10 Loot
. uk.freeads.net/ FreeAds
. friday-ad.co.uk Friday-Ad
. hotukdeals.com/go/…=10 The Link

[U FREE Mobile Phone Downloads (external links)

At the following sites you can download mobile phone wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, themes, games and software for FREE!! Simply download to your PC and transfer them to you mobile via data cable or bluetooth. Some handsets aren't supported. If you have more links or need help then let us know!!

* zedge.net Zedge is a free site to download most things for most mobiles!! (Free registration required).
* lasyk.net Lasyk has free downloads for ringtones, games, wallpaper, themes etc. It's meant for Sony Ericssson phones but the ringtones will obviously work on any phone.
* free-ringtones.uk.com/fre…htm Free Ringtones UK have free polyphonic ringtones which you can download to your PC for data cable transfer or download via wap for free, and also key-press codes for composing software on your phone.
* mobileplayground.co.uk/ Mobile Playground hosts free games for many mobile makes which you can download to your PC.
* ringtone-mania.com/fre…tml Ringtone Mania's free wallpaper page has free wallpapers which you can download to your PC and transfer via cable. Please note that other downloads on their website come with a charge.
* theunlocker.co.uk/mob…php The Unlocker has ringtones, themes, wallpaper, games, apps and more files which can be downloaded to your PC free of charge and uploaded to your phone!!
* free-ringtones.eu.com/ Free Ringtones have polyphonic and key-press tones which you can download to your PC and upload via cable. I advise you not to use their premium service.
* oldsap.blogspot.com/ oldSAP Windows Mobile Freeware is a blog containing freeware for your Windows Mobile based devices.

Don't have a cable to transfer files to your phone?? Try cellmind.com/wap…php Cellmind's free WAP upload . You upload the file you wish to transfer (must be under 1000kb/1mb in size!!) and then they give you a code. You use this code to download the file to your phone via WAP. Please note that this service will not work on the 3 network. You will most likely incur charges for using the WAP service. Contact your mobile network to find out what these charges will be.

hotukdeals.com/for…t=2 Go to post two of this thread for more help and advice including information on unlocking and links to mobile phone review sites.

If you think I've missed anything out or if you have any more ideas or links to be added then hotukdeals.com/for…280 SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE now!!
Community Updates
[SIZE="4"]Unlocking Your Phone to any Network (external links)[/SIZE]

Here's some useful websites for unlocking:
* The NokiaFREE online mobile unlocker
* UnlockMe.org has some more powerful phone unlocking software, and information on how to unlock yourself via a cable.
* Trycktill is another free code unlocking website.
* WorldUnlock Calculator is an even more powerful unlocking program which unlocks many makes, however it is most successful with Nokia unlocking.
* The NokiaFREE unlocking forums (other handsets as well as Nokia)
* The GSM forum is a good place to ask questions about unlocking with a lot of knowledge available. Just make sure you don't ask too many silly questions - their barks are worse than their bite...
* The Unlocker Forums are similar, they've also got a lot of know-how with these things and if it can't be done by code they'll help you find the cable.
* GSM Support is a national unlocking centre for unlocking phones, however it isn't free and your phone needs to be sent away.
* UnlockItFree is a great site for FREE Nokia DCT4 unlocking codes. Thanks go to boydent999 for spotting it!!

[highlight]REMEMBER:[/highlight] If unlocking by code you only get 5 attempts!! After that it can only be done by cable, so don't enter the same wrong code in more than once!! If you are having difficulty then seek further advice. An alternative to doing it yourself would be to go to a market stall/small shop that sells phone bit where they should unlock it for £5 - £10.

[SIZE="4"]Mobile Phone Review and News Sites (External Links)[/SIZE]


[SIZE="4"]Other Mobile Phone Help Sites/Forums. (External Links)[/SIZE]

General mobile forums/sites:

Motorola focused sites:

Nokia focused sites:

Sony Ericsson focused sites:

Smartphone forums:

UK Mobile Masts database:

[SIZE="1"]I cannot be held respsonsible for any content of external sites. Some content may cause offence to some users, however overall the sites listed are perfectly okay. When browsing the internet you should always have anti-spyware and anti-virus software running. It's also advisable to use a pop-up blocker whilst browsing.[/SIZE]


It's always a risk when taking out a contract phone with cashback, or plunging into a 12 month contract with a certain network without knowing what their customer service was like.

Well now HotUKDeals is trying to help to give you some peace of mind!!

The threads listed above cover major retailers and networks. If you have used that retailer or network in the last 6 months then PLEASE leave feedback!! Be it good OR bad!! We want both, or else this will not work!! Remember to give your honest opinion when leaving feedback and try not to "follow the herd" and agree with everyone else who puts a retailer down if you actually found them very helpful.

Also, in addition to the reviews, you can also find out how much QuidCo cashback each retailer gives you!!

If you have a general comment to make or if you think a retailer is missing then post here.
Suggest add dialaphone to retailers.
This is a great starting point for anyone looking to take out a new contract. Could this thread be made into a sticky?
grumpycrab, I've added Dial-a-Phone.

I've also added Simply 3G.

The networks have all been created today. Virgin mobile will follow as soon as their website is back online.

Please let me know or post here if you have any comments/queries.

Hope this helps!!
Virgin mobile got best customer service (from my experience). Their prices are so-so, but CS is exceptionally good. Or so it was before they were bought by NThelL.
Virgin Mobile and The Link now added!! :thumbsup:
Been with Virgin Mobile since 2003. Exceptionally good and role model customer service.
[highlight]New section:[/highlight] Helpful threads

If you find any more helpful mobile threads here on HUKD then place the links on here so I can add them.
Please add Mobileshop.com to the list of retailers. I've used this company for a number of years and have found their service excellent. You only need to look on their website to find out how good they are - click on the link: ]http//ww…php
Some of their recent offers aren't as competitive as some other retailers but if you don't want any hassle when making a cashback claim I would definately recommend Mobileshop. They have also featured on BBC News 24 and are based in Doncaster.
Sorry didn't realise Mobileshop were already added........
Could you add chatterbox.com to the list of retailers.

Hi,Could you add chatterbox.com to the list of retailers.Thanks

Now added.

EDIT: Also added MobileClub7.com to see if anyone has experience with them...
How about BT on the list of networks for their standard GSM phones and Fusion
i agree with you edi great customer service :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="6"]Major updates!! 8th August.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Spare cashback forms section now added. We currently have cashback claim forms for OneStopPhoneShop, CoolNewMobile and PhoneBoxDirect. Please only use the OSPS one if you really have one because they say they don't accept photocopies, although they do send this to users who didn't receive their forms so they can print it off themselves. Please contact us if you have any more forms to add!!

Free downloads for your mobile phone section now added too. Ringtones, themes, wallpapers, games, screensavers, applications and software. It's all there!! If you have any more to add then don't hesitate to let me kow and I'll add it. The downloads need to be 100% free please!! don't want a big list, so just send some of the better sites. :thumbsup:
thx duck.

the osps voucher will be very useful. as they have declined and returned my claim saying i didn't include the voucher, but which i did!

i am just about to write to complain, of lossing/over looked/missed my voucher enclosed in the letter!

the things is even if i re-send it, it will be passed the 30days claiming period.
Mobile Rainbow deals used to get posted quite a bit in the past, but I haven't seen any recently. Could you add a feedback link?
good deal on here, so am looking for some form of feedback from anyone who's used them
The Mobile Rainbow has now been added. If anyone wants anything else adding then please let me know.

The Mobile Rainbow has now been added. If anyone wants anything else … The Mobile Rainbow has now been added. If anyone wants anything else adding then please let me know.

Cheers duckmagicuk2!
Maybe worth adding Microline mobiles? ... They have a few branches all over. I know the Uxbridge one is right near Uxbridge tube station. Maybe worth adding them. A friend of the family gets most of his mobiles from there and I think he also said that the guy lets him come into the shop to claim the cashback. However, don't quote me on this.
They aren't really one of the popular ones though...
iv been with organge for 3 years and thier customer service is excellent, and the 241 cinema tickets is a good treat.
[SIZE="5"][highlight]Another update!!

This time it's to add a whole new section on making money from your old phones!![/highlight][/SIZE]

Please consider doing this... not only can you make a fast bit of cash, but it saves the environment too!! :thumbsup:
I would recommend onestopphoneshop who are part of Carphone Warehouse (also E2Save)

I recently ordered a Samsung E900 on an Orange Contract this is an £18 month contract, I pay £40 a month (I think it's the Canary package) 3 months on, it is the cheapest phone bills I have been getting, plus I got a FREE Xbox 360 Core system worth a couple of hundred, also I was able to sign up to Orange Broadband (upto 8MB) for FREE saving another £18 a month.

Going back to customer service issues with onestopphoneshop(OSPS)...they are a good bunch of people, I had many questions before I ordered...infact I ordered from E2Save first of all, but then saw a better deal on OSPS.

I contacted OSPS and said look I've ordered a phone with E2Save, but seen a better deal with you, it's the same network, package etc, just seen will get free xbox, plus extra free text and talk time, I asked if I could place an order with them whilst still having an existing order with E2Save, they were able to cancel the first order and complete this one without question. I got my phone the very next day, and the xbox 2 weeks later, and also a much better internet connection too.

Sorry for rabbiting on:shock:
Hi everyone.

I've noticed another site similar to this trying to start up these feedback threads in a similar way to these we have here. Within the first few hours they already have replies simply saying "THIS COMPANY ARE THIEVING!" and other un-supported comments.

So I thought it'd be an ideal time to say how great you've all bean. The helpful positive and negative views constructively backed up with valid reasons to your gripes and happiness really does reflect how great the community of this site is and how sensible the majority of our users are, even if we do get carried around with the odd £1 TV every now and again!!

So in conclusion, thanks to everyone who's left comments for companies!! I look forward to reading more feedback. Not only does it help users make their decision on whether to trust a company and give some peace of mind, but it gives me a better idea of companies who do pay out in a reliable way and helps me decide which companies to give priority to when similar deals are found.

So keep posting, and let me know if you have any more ideas for this thread!!

Thank you all,

How can "this company be theiving"? stealing what? freebies? if they are a new site it sure isn't from them.

They must be jeallous of all the members HDUK have. I have only recently found this site, and TBH it is the best one around!

They must be jeallous of all the members HDUK have. I have only recently … They must be jeallous of all the members HDUK have. I have only recently found this site, and TBH it is the best one around!

No, they were referring to e2save, not HotUKDeals. The user on the other site simply put "RIP OFF MERCHANTS AVOIDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!" with no comments as to why he didn't like e2save, which isn't the way to make these work.

So thank you to all of the HUKD members for proving how mature you are. :thumbsup:
Doh! Silly me
Replied to a few, hope noone is annoyed with me for bumping up so many feedback threads
Sorry if this is in the wrong place,
Quick quesie... with OSPS is the first payment an instant cashback via a cheque..ie no bills need to be sent, I thought it was but I never received one?? ..I have to send bills 4,8,12 also which is fine but when I add up the amount it doesnt add up to 10months free..;(

Dan x
hi duck i'm having some problems with trying to find some good free sites for downloading ringtones as i have just been sharged twice for the free ringtone one what did i do wrong .i am now trying the unlocker site is that one a good one
Did you download it via your WAP? If so, then your operator may have charged you... which site are you using?
im on o2 the site said enter phone number i couldn't see a download bit but that unlocker site seems simple enough for me lol just waiting for activation code for registering thank you for help
Does anyone know how i can register at unlocker forums please? just tried and its says deactivated by manager or something like that.I am having trouble trying to find out how to unlock a Samsung ZV40 on Vodafone i have looked at the other unlock sites but cannot seem to work out most the posts some are a bit confusing lol .So any help greatly appreciated

yes same problem for me they haven't set me a email to activate account twice and i have checked all folders
[SIZE="6"][COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Major Update: 06/02/07[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]I've spent all evening adding contact details for each retailer to the feedback threads. If people ifnd it useful then we can collate useful numbers, etc for the network posts too...

They are actually on the first post of each feedback thread, near the bottom of that post under the QuidCo information.[/SIZE]

Hope that helps!!

[SIZE="6"][COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Also...[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"]If anyone has the OneStopPhoneShop .pdf cashback form they can email me then please let me know. Also I'm not sure ift here's any updates on the CoolNewMobile/PhoneBoxDirect forms. If you have anything new then please hotukdeals.com/for…280. Anything which could be of interest!!!! Not just cashback claim forms but contact details and anything like that. If it has the slightest amount of use, it might be worth adding in. Thanks.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Currently have 2 contracrs with phoneboxdirect been good so far, paid my dad's first chequeback. Good customer seevice as well. Got a second claim coming soon for my dad, will let you know the results of that one and mine when time comes for me to claim.

How about BT on the list of networks for their standard GSM phones and … How about BT on the list of networks for their standard GSM phones and Fusion

stay away from BT if something goes wrong there terrible in sorting it out and they send you off to abroad call centers... complete crap service with BT...

STAY AWAY! :oops:
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