Feedback on Three Football Related Photographs

Posted 9th Oct
I know this is a bit random and I'll admit I have a vested interest but I am curious about what people think about the three football related photographs being used by the Welsh Premier Women's League Photo of the Month Competition for September on Twitter.…745

I'm interested in what people you like, don't like, etc. about the pictures chosen - as we all have a different view of what makes a good photograph

Feel free to vote also if you wish.
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Nothing stands out for any of them imo, but I am no expert.
I like No2 the team photo.

Nice to see all the team enjoying themselves together and having a laugh, to me that is what sport is about
I can only see 1 large square photo and 2 smaller square photos at the side of it. I'm not sure if I should be able to view them properly or not.

I like the tackle shot (large photo by Duncan Thomas) the best, as it's an action shot and shows off the game of football.
Plus it shows the photographer can anticipate the action (unless they just used a machine gunner rapid fire style on the shutter button).

OP, if you took any of the photos, make sure you don't give away any copyright to them.
Thanks @Derek_Lancelot_Shatwell - I hadn't even considered the image copyright aspect

Hopefully the three photographers will have thought of this.

My favourite is also the picture of the sliding tackle too
To be honest I'm surprised you got past the admin of the rule "self promotion" or is that just another rule solely for me :-)

Anyway, in moment I'll retweet you tweet from my account, you know when I do ;-)
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