Good [u AND bad experiences are vital if this thread is going to work!! Please give an [u honest opinion!!……gif

Please post your feedback based on previous transactions you have had with this company,…=10 Orange .

In particular, you should refer to the following aspects of your experience with them:

1) Are you on Pay As You Go or Contract??
2) Did you order directly from Orange?
3) If so, were you were happy with the delivery speed?
4) If your ordered directly from them, did you have any problems with the order itself?
5) What do you think of customer service with this network?
6) Have you had any problems with this network?
7) Please comment on other aspects which you thought were good/bad.
Is there anything the company needs to improve on?
9) Would you recommend them to anyone else?

It would also help if you could put your post in GREEN if you would recommend them or RED if you wouldn't use them again. If you do not have a strong opinion on this then you may wish to leave your post BLACK .

Who is Orange??

France Telecom acquired Orange plc in August 2000. One of the big motivations was the power of the Orange brand. More recent research reinforces the strength of the Orange brand and its global potential for not only mobile, but also other services such as broadband and multi-play offers. France Telecom has now chosen Orange as its flagship brand for its Internet, business and mobile services, offering our customers a -simple, single-company experience giving them access to an exciting new generation of converged services.

In recent years, Orange has been first to launch a range of products and services that others have then tried to follow - per second billing, phones with the functionality of a computer, Machine-to-Machine solutions, to name but three. Now in its second decade, Orange has become a total communications company, bringing together a host of converged services as part of the NExT programme: New Experience in Telecommunications. As part of the France Telecom group, Orange has the mobile broadband and fixed line capabilities to offer something that no other company offers.

What about QuidCo cashback?

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Original Poster

[COLOR="Green"]I currently have an Orange contract.

The phone's good (K750i) and the network coverage is 100% too.

Itemised billing costs £1.50 per month now though and you have to opt-out rather than opt-in.

I was charged for Orange World because I didn't know that The Mobile Outlet had started me off with a free trial for it (very kind of them) but I rang up Orange's CS and they gave me a full refund. The CS rep was really friendly too and had a little chat with me. It seems he doesn't really like the "fancy features" on his mobiles and prefered being a mechanic. Ah well... at least I got a result.

Plenty of minutes and texts for me... they even roll over. My tariff isn't available any more now though.

So it's a recommendation from me!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Changed from orange 1/2 way through contract. Reception was terrible. Live in middle of urban area (Bradford) but would get drop outs probably 25% of time. Thought it might be our phones - SE K300i - but other people reported sam on theirs. Also happened when I was in other areas so nothing to do with Bradford either.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Tarriffs aren't brilliant ... they seem to follow other networks rather than take the lead. Much happier on O2. Shan't be going back to Orange.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Customer service been OK but they weren't prepared to release me at the end of a 12 month contract because I didn't give the full 30 day notice ... fair enough I suppose but a bit jobsworth when it's obvious that we haven't used the phone for over 6 months. Charge for itemised billing and assume an opt-in.[/COLOR]


I am on a contract with Orange

Orange customer service seems to have gone downhill a lot, you can never get through straightaway and keep getting the nuisance message ‘Your call is important’

Many times I have had to wait over 10 minutes.

1) [COLOR=darkgreen]On Contract[/COLOR]
2) [COLOR=darkgreen]Upgraded 2pm monday, phone arrived 9am tuesday (next day)
[/COLOR]3) [COLOR=darkgreen]Very quick delivery[/COLOR]
4)[COLOR=darkgreen] Spoke to retentions, made me a fantastic deal, vary easy process[/COLOR]
5) [COLOR=darkgreen]Customer service are amazing BUT i am a premier customer, which means no automative systems just...RING "Thank you for calling Orange Premier Customer services, how may I help you??" Just fantastic!!![/COLOR]
6) [COLOR=darkgreen]Only problems with the Phones, but replaced next day free of charge, not the networks fault[/COLOR]
7) Some new phones are brought out too soon, to compete with other networks BUT they put their own silly Orange software on which can slow or cause the phone to go wrong. Some customer services repusenativs are VERY jobs worth and others bed over backwards to help, if you get a grumpy person, just thank tem for their time and call again later.
[COLOR=red][COLOR=#000000]8 ) [/COLOR]Orange adverts are a little strange, they don't push new offers clear enough to attract new customers.... they shuld keep it simple!![/COLOR]
9) [COLOR=darkgreen]Would recommend them to others BUT would check they are getting a good deal as Orange isn't the cheapest network to use unless you take advantage of an offer.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#006400]Have been with Orange 5years, left once and came straight back!! Parents have been with Orange since they started & will be with them untill they stop. The Customer services are the main reason why I choose to stay with Orange, even tho I could prob save money using another network..... which is pro the highest reccomendation I can give them.[/COLOR]

oh.... [COLOR=red]the up-to-date remainding call time isn't that up-to-date!!!!! At best it's 24hrs out.....IF it's working at all!!!!! [/COLOR][COLOR=black]So if you like to keep a very close tab on ur call alowence, you have to reset the call timer every month.[/COLOR]

Original Poster

I've had that problem too Tommy. Also, I don't think calling 150 tells you how many inclusive texts you have left either. :?

thats right ducky, orange doesn't tell you how many txts you have sent, so you must either keep a count or every sent message on ur phone each billing month.

Orange isn't alone tho with this, so it's not really a down side to their network, just isn't a shining positive light either.

The 150 customer services is really slow now, due to 2 call centres being closed & the same advisors who delt with just mobile problems now have internet problems too!

While Orange is offering Free Broad Band this will prob be the case but once the rush has lessened, 150 customer services should be back to it's 5min wait. Still 5 mins tho!!

1) Are you on Pay As You Go or Contract?

2) Did you order directly from Orange?

3) If so, were you were happy with the delivery speed?

4) If your ordered directly from them, did you have any problems with the order itself?

5) What do you think of customer service with this network?
It seems Orange have an overflow system on their call centre handling, where if you call past 1pm until late evening you will rarely get a UK call centre but the indian one which is worse than "3"'s one, where they really don;t have a clue and have very limited access to your account.

6) Have you had any problems with this network?
With the network itself no.

7) Please comment on other aspects which you thought were good/bad.
Other than a fractured CS like O2's and overflow CS to india which is appauling no, but that is not the say UK CS is great, they have some real turds who seem to be straight out of school uneducated and have no clue at all, so means a call back or talking someone in a higher level support.

Is there anything the company needs to improve on?
Their appauling CS systems and training.

9) Would you recommend them to anyone else?
Depending on the type of mobile user they are, possibly.

[COLOR="Green"]I have used Orange since 2003 and just renewed my business phone contract with them again for 18 months. I'm more than happy with the deal they offered which included 2 top spec new phones, double minutes for 9 months, handset insurance over the contract period and unlimited text messages, free calls between the 2 handsets. The phones arrived the day after I placed the order and the new sim cards activated within a few minutes although I was told it might be up to 2 hours.

I have had minor irritations along the way over the last 3 years with Orange but nothing that made me feel the need to take my business elsewhere. No problems with connection or network that I can recall.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]Dont know about what they are like with mobile phones, but I would NEVER use them for internet again. We have had many problems with them lately and their customer service is APPALLING! All they seem to do is shift the blame to someone else and get you to call back. Have spent many hours and a lot of £££ calling them to fix a simple problem. Once the internet was back up (Ended up fixing it myself after many hours messing around with computer and no help from tech support) it went down again and stayed down for over a week until they could get it sorted.

Not to mention they wouldnt tell me how to fix the computer because of data protection act (Which is total cr*p because that only applies if I asked for details about the account/account holder) and ended up having dad calling from canada to put me on the account - VERY expensive phonecall[/COLOR]
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