Feedback please - Fragrance Direct

Looking to get Christmas sorted early, and perfume, lol not for me, is always a good choice.

Anyone dealth with…php fragrance direct and anyone offer any feedback, good, bad or indifferent.
Please be honest.
Items have to be boxed, one is for my ma and i don't want her to find out her son is a cheapskate :giggle:
I can see that a lot are boxed and they say, as found in shops, that's just what i want.




Yes, I have used them a few times before, they are fine :thumbsup:

Quick delivery, and yes it is exactly as it is in the shop, my box was sealed aswell

No problems from me..

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Superb, thanks for the quick reply Sam:)
Much appreciated

I've never dealt with them so can't vouch for them either way but i always tend to buy these sort of things off the high street as fakes in this market are so rife and well done that it's hard to tell the difference.

Some of their prices are cheap and some are no better than places like Superdrug and Boots as they tend to have a lot of offers on approaching Xmas.

Nothing but good things to say about them, quick delivery, excellent service and i think quidco is 5% as well:thumbsup:

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Thanks for that too Syzable.
I know what you mean, been looking at Boots and Superdrug this morning. Then went to Quidco to see what sites they have and top of list was Fragrance Direct.

The difference in price, literally is only a couple of quid either way so what you say makes sense too

Thanks again

Thanks to you too Treble99
Have repped the 3 posters so far, not giving away anymore lol

Don't care about rep, so you can have this for free lol!

The site is excellent, been buying from them for years. Of course I buy my girlfriend the testers because as she says 'you through the box away anyway!'

I'd totally recommend them with or without quidco. And the really are the real deal, no fakes.


I've used them too boydent999, and have had good experiences. Items arrived in good time and as described

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Excellent, thanks so much everyone
Might give them a shot then on summat for me for now.
They have Boss #1, and i have not seen this anywhere for years

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