feedback question?

    if you had done a deal and paid the money but didnt receive the goods until 4 weeks later but only after sending messages and then you finally receive the item after admin has sent a message what feedback do you think you should leave? thanks guys :-)


    Negative. Shouldn't take as much hassle to recieve items, and it'll warn others too. :thumbsup:


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    thanks guys its just i have never given or received a negative before

    depends if it was RM caused then possibly a positive, however it sounds like the sellers fault thus maybe a neutral and just note in feedback it took ages. Id only dish a negative if they kept promising to daily and didnt or lied constantly or the item wasnt as described.

    Also remember you leave a negative be prepared for revenge feedback of negative as well.

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    they did keep saying they would post and apologising but it was only when admin contacted them that i finally received them but if anyone checks the thread they will see i paid when seller asked so i shouldnt receive neg but i know i might anyway as retaliation
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