Feel like a spare part? Try this site!

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Found 25th May 2008
espares.co.uk sells more than 150,000 parts for home appliances, such as shelves for fridges, knobs for ovens and cutlery baskets for dishwashers.



makes it easier for me to click:thumbsup:

havent looked yet - hoping they have drawers for my freezer - 1 broke

repped :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the link, hope you find what you need.

It is cheaper replacing stuff instead of buying the whole thing again.

use discount code SPRING for 10% discount til end of may,
Quidco is 10% too!
They are pretty good with next day delivery in my experience, we needed a new door surround for our washer got it the next day, then sods law that afternoon a friend dumped theirs (exact same model) as the door glass got broke, so we stripped it for spares we now have a complete set of spares (apart from glass) including motor, pump electonic control panel internal hoses etc for ours in the loft!!! and the drum made a lovely planter!

Are there any newer codes in force at this time please???

Kind regards,

Henrys gettin a new handle!
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