feel sick :-(

    Hey all,am feeling really sick and cannot get to sleep,just seems to have came on in last hour.Anyone got any tips to help calm nausea?


    I always put loads of pillows behind me in bed and try to get myself a bit more upright, tends to make me feel less sick. Then I attempt to sleep in that position because sleeping makes me feel less sick!

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    thanks angel,ill try that.Anything is worth trying hate feeling sick.and i absolutly hate being sick

    You haven't been near kids lately have you??? Our whole house has just got over a really NASTY sickness bug that saw us all throwin up for 12 hours!! ( along with the squits!!! :?)
    Not nice at all!!! :x

    I feel sick and can't sleep either skafairy.. But I think mine is self inflicted from wobbly juice last night.. Hope your better soon...:thumbsup:

    Ginger tea helps nausea. Best done with crushed fresh ginger root and a dash of honey though anything with ginger in helps.

    I know that this is not to everyones taste, but it does work; try a little Greek Yogurt (the sour stuff / unsweetened). I use this instead of medication.

    when i was pregnant it was ginger biscuits that helped me stop feeling sick

    nice cup of camomille tea, that will settle your tummy.

    Ginger biscuits or peppermint tea usually works :thumbsup:

    Hope you are feeling better


    Take a shower, you need company ;p



    Ginger biscuits or peppermint tea usually works :thumbsup:Hope you are … Ginger biscuits or peppermint tea usually works :thumbsup:Hope you are feeling better

    I would like to have some of that as well


    i usually stick fingers down throat, nausea then passes
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