Feliway Offers? Need to stop cat spraying and get him more relaxed.

Found 27th Feb 2018
Anyone know of any Feliway offers at the moment, looking to purchase the 30 day with plug-in diffuser and a 60ml spray?

our youngest of 3 cats seems stressed, recently had cystitis and is spraying on the furniture near the cat flap.... he's always had a spraying problem (has been neutured) but now the cystitis, really want to help him relax more. So have placed an extension lead near to the cat flap where i can plug a diffuser into and will us the spray on the furniture as well.

Anyone has similar problems and think this might help him?

Strange thing is apart from the spraying he shows no signs of stress at all, apart from being heistant to go out. He's always been a scatty cat, scared of humans, yet wants to be the boss of the house.
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Feliway is fab, I’d definitely recommend it. My sister’s cat used to get cystitis when they moved house or she worked away. She swears by it.

Sorry I don’t know if any deals at the moment
I got it quite cheap at pet drugs online. Also had cash back via quick. That was about a year ago though. Didn't make any difference to my cat so haven't bought any recently
Ive just bought one off amazon. Was £17 for the 30 day starter kit (inc diffuser) which was about half what my local vets were charging. Only used it for 2 days but has made my cat much more relaxed!
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