Felix Cat Food making your cat sick (purchased from Amazon UK)

Posted 24th Apr 2023
Hi everyone,

Can I ask if anyone’s cat has recently been vomiting after eating Felix As Good As It Looks cat food purchased from Amazon.

Our cat is now back on dry after a few attempts on wet, again she started vomiting tonight, so she’s back on dry. It’s only since we purchased a a tripe box from Amazon the sickness started, so will try a box from Asda tomorrow, but puzzled why this has started…

Would anyone have any suggestions why Felix from Amazon would make any difference?

EDIT: Just read this
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  1. AMaky's avatar
    Stay away from cheap full of rubbish fillers wet cat food full stop.
    It's like fast food for cats, get addicted to sugar hence why owners think 'cat likes it lots'.
    slimy31's avatar
    Any recommendations on replacements? We've been having a nightmare with pretty much all supermarket sourced cat food, in most cases it's an outright rejection rather than being sick but it's still proving to be a challenge. At the moment they seem to be sustaining themselves on local wildlife which can't be healthy!
  2. Nadz's avatar
    There is a Facebook group dedicated to Felix, I would change to something else as quick as you can. Many options and suggestions in this group.

    Cats Recently Affected By Felix Food.
  3. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Amazon sell it, not produce it.
    DaddyPig's avatar
    Amazon stores it aswell in the warehouses . you don't know how its been stored .
  4. MrMaxPackage's avatar
    Yes, switched wet food and the issue went away, didn’t mind as they were becoming increasingly fussy about the flavours. A lot of the time only half a packet was eaten.
  5. Whoohoo's avatar
    It's not a new thing. Neighbours cat was sick repeatedly on it till she changed
  6. slimy31's avatar
    Felix from anywhere is proving to be a challenge for our two, I can't think when they started but they're pretty much refusing it now. But not just Felix, the only one they're even tolerating now is a 'gourmet' something or other. It seems like most cat foods are no longer fit for cats.
  7. Dude1971's avatar
    Same with my 11 year old cat but I put it down to age. He likes the Felix soups and they don't make him puke so giving him a few of those a day.

    Replacements? Harrington's with gravy went down well but Tesco have stopped selling it now so back to square one...
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    You can buy from them directly - i do a monthly subscription
  8. notsram's avatar
    My cat is fussy, so I tried As good as it looks on her. She started throwing up almost every day, so the experiment didn't last long!
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