Felix kitten food - Where to buy in bulk.

Found 30th Nov 2017
Afternoon all,

Does anyone know where I can purchase Felix kitten wet food in bulk. I can’t seem to find the kitten food in bigger than 12 packs for a decent price. Loads of the 12month+ food available in bulk purchase. Currently paying £3.50 for 12.

Id like to save a bit of money if i can but also reduce the amount of trips to the shops.

Also on a side note. How many packs a day would you suggest is sufficient for 5-6 month old kittens? Currently on 1 1/2 each a day. Vets are saying they are ok for weight. But not sure when to increase. Dry foods always left out and topped up so difficult to judge.
Thanks for reading.
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Look on pets at home. They had offer on big box for £8-£9
Thanks but no joy there either. Just double checked.
Farmfoods have box of 40 pouches for £10. Combine that with the various discount vouchers like £2.50 off £25 shop or £5 off £50 shop and you could save quite a bit. You can download these vouchers direct from their site

Asda have the same box of 40 for £9 and Sainsbury's have it on offer for £10.

I suggest going on the mysupermarket website or downloading their app to compare grocery prices over many stores to determine where the products are cheapest. It comes in very handy
That’s a great idea Fes. Thanks. Hadn’t thought of that.

That pets at home link isn’t for kitten food. I was told to only buy them kitten variant for the first year.
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