FELLOW VEGGIES!! Linda McCartney Foods at Jack Fultons becoming more common (eg 2 packs of Eight Sausages for £1.50) + other Vegetarian stuff!

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Found 24th Jun 2008
Not sure if Jack Fultons is just a northern thing or they are nationwide? But I've been going there for years and although there is some local variations 90% of the stuff in the ones I visit do seem to duplicate.

I was gonna add as a deal but they don't have a website [I can find] so I can't put up as a deal. Anyway, I went into today and they have:

Linda McCartney
2 x 8 pack of sausages for £1.50 (or 79p per pack)
2 x Two pack of pasties for £1.50 (or 79p per pack)
2 x Lasagne for £1.50 ( or 79p per pack) - These was previously £1 for two.

You can't mix and match. They was a mixture of the new and old branding but all well in date. Cus previously they just generally had really old branding of stuff and it seems to be getting more common of the new branding. They had some other vegetarian stuff (mainly Dalepak - which I don't rate hugely) but not the linda mccartney burgers unfortunately (which is what I really wanted) and this was on The Moor, Sheffield but confirmed also in Crookes, Sheffield.

Thought I'd give the heads up cus if it starts to sell really well they may increase their range and we can start getting quality vegetarian food etc that is fairly cheap and something you can stock up on in the freezer - great for BBQs.

And meat eaters, don't forget to leave your comments of 'Mmmmmm, I've just cooked a dead pig on my Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine and it was great..." etc cus we ain't heard it before :-p Christ I'm cynical!


Where up North are you? Coz i've never heard of this place!

Original Poster

Sheffield - as in the post ;-)

edit - place I can find on the web about it is here - 3i.com/por…tml

There is about 4 in Sheffield tho!

Our local Jack Fultons does'nt have any veggie food, well they do i.e. vegetables, chips etc, but nothing like Linda Mac or anything

none in wales

Just been to one of the two Jack fulton's in Worksop and bought some of the pasties. 'Happy Jacks' is one of my favourite shops (but I always was a skinflint). I agree tis good to see cheap veggie food somewhere.
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