Found 20th Jun 2010

not sure if this is allowed or if its in the wrong section if not mods please remove this.

just wondering if anyone knows any landscapers or builders who do fencing in the Hull area. my miss's has just had a fence put in and not to happy how much he charged for the job hes done but she needs a bit more doing at the back of the garden just a couple of posts and panels.

i know would be fairly cheep for us to get the posts and panels etc ourselfs but were not very keen on doing it ourselfs.

if anyone knows anyone or works in the trade please let me know just want to help her out as much as she wants a safer place for the 2 year old.

thanks chris
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can only smile at that
In all seriousness, put an ad in your local DIY store; you might get someonewho does things for hobby money. :thumbsup:
thanks ill have ago at that if anyone does know anyone please let me know.
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