Fenchurch trendy for a 13 year old boy or not.? OK or Chavvy?

    Hi looking in m and m catalogue that comes through door and like a few tops to get my son. Never bought fenchurch before. would he like it or is it chavvy. Up till now he likes things like animal and timberland.


    Im pretty sure he would be happy with Fenchurch if he likes animal and timberland. Just don't buy him anything Gola, or nicks (do they even make Nicks Any more? ) and you should be fine.

    Perhaps its worth asking him if he likes it?


    my 15 yr old nephew likes fenchurch

    kappa chavvy and anything thats made to look like a more expensive brand a no no

    like say a top by gola in the burberry tartan


    i just got that catalogue as well

    ask him, im sure he would rather have some input at his age

    i just got a fenchurch top from play arrived today and is well made, not chavvy.......pleased with quality for 17 quid

    I don't think Fenchurch is 'chavvy'

    Na wouldn't say its chavvy, although like most things im sure it will be at some point.

    God damn G-Star

    Fenchurch is good stuff.... Henleys, now that's chavvy

    fenchurch is nice not chavvy
    fenchurch do some really nice jumpers


    Fenchurch is good stuff.... Henleys, now that's chavvy



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    Thanks i appreciate all your comments. i agree think its time i started letting him have some input. He does on trainers, football boots etc but clothes will be next. These are Xmas presents though so taking a risk. From your comments though you all seem to agree its OK. Also got him a ripcurl t shirt and a timberland t shirt so hopefully on the right lines.
    Thanks for help and have a nice Christmas.
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