Hi, i hope i've put this in the right place, if not feel free to move it. I just wondered if anyone could help with a few questions I have about fencing (in the garden!).
    I am looking to replace all the fencing around my garden, my partners family can probably help but i thought i would check to see if anyone has paid anyone to do this for them and could tell me how much it was for them (and the area they covered). Or has anyone seen any good deals on fencing panels? I think everything will need replacing including the posts as it seems a bit rotten.
    Rep for any help - thanks very much



    Check out `metpost` spikes in your local bnq type diy warehouse , they are relatively easy to fit and need no digging out . you have to buy a rubber bung that fits in the top that the hammer hits so as to not damage the spike , - and you need a slege hammer and a spirit level . If they hit an obstrution on the way down like a stone - pull it out and try again else it will go in wonky .
    once you have done a couple you will find them easy to fit.…tml

    Off the top of my head i'm going to say around £35 a panel for concret post, gravel board and fence panel.

    i just recently put up myself a run of 7 6x6 panels with slotted concrete posts & 6" concrete gravel boards from Travis Perkins builders merchants. If you can, go for slotted posts, its worth it in the long run.

    total cost for fence was £326.67

    6x6 panel £15.41 each
    9 ft slotted posts £12.50 each
    9 ft slotted corner post £25.21 each
    6" concrete gravel board £9.99 each
    post mix £3.50 a bag

    Don't know whether this will apply to your area but Kirkham Prison inmates make the solid expensive fence panels and sell them for the price of the cheap b&q ones. The cheap ones lasted a year in the wind and the prison ones look like new 2 years in.

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    Thank you very much all. I've repped you so thanks again for your help. Going to have a look at the metpost ones and see how much they are, although if not i'll definately go for the slotted concrete posts, would rather do it right first time. And unfortunately not in my area for Kirkham prison although what a good idea (even when typing this i'm still wondering if its a joke!)
    Katie x
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