Fendi bag

Found 7th Nov 2006
other half wants one for xmas, after going round london sunday couldnt find the one she wanted..

Not many websites seem to sell them either, well not that i can find..

Can anyone help?
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eBay sell them, but be careful.

Are you looking for an original?

If so, just put "Fendi Bag" in ]Froogle and go from there.

The best place in the world (literally) for this kind of thing is an indoor market called Law Hu in China, right on the border with Hong Kong.
It's fairly near where I'm working now, and the wife has got a few goodies coming to her when I get back including 2 beautiful (if you're a lady) chloe bags, complete with the padlocks! They only cost buttons too!

One for the ladies...........


:pirate: CJ :pirate:
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