Ferrex tools at Lidl?

Posted 5th May 2019
I'm thinking of investing in the Impact driver and Grinder but not sure how good the quality is. Can anyone comment on this?
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[Guide] Ferrex Tools

If you’ve been shopping at ALDI lately, you may have seen power tools from a brand called Ferrex being sold at rock-bottom prices. With the prospect of picking up power tools that usually retail for hundreds of pounds for only a fraction of the price, it’s no wonder Ferrex tools have met the interest, and skepticism, of many customers.

In this short guide, we’ll have a look at Ferrex as a company itself, what kind of reviews its product have gotten online, as well as the range of products Ferrex offers.

Who makes Ferrex tools?

While Ferrex is a registered trademark of ALDI, there isn’t any clear information on who produces Ferex tools. hotukdeals users Daz_EOd stated that Ferrex tools are produced by Chinese company Positec, who also produce the Worx brand of power tools. However, Positec doesn’t list Ferrex as being one of its brands on its website, so this claim can’t be verified as of December 2019.

Ferrex power tools – What’s available?

So what’s available in the Ferrex range? Let’s take a look:

  • Ferrex 18V Multi Head Drill – The Ferrex 18V Multi Head Drill comes with a drill head, ripsaw head, detail sander head and a multi-functional tool head. It features rubber over mould grip, variable speed with reverse and an LED light.
  • Ferrex Mini Bench Grinder – Ideal for working with metal, the Bench Grinder also comes with a rotary tool for sanding. It features an adjusting wheel for variable speed and metal housing.
  • Ferrex Mini Circular Saw – Features a left-handed blade design, with a compact size that means it can be easily transported. Comes with a dust adaptor, hexagonal key, HSS blade and diamond disc.
  • 1500W SDS Rotary Hammer Drill – For any job that needs a bit more power, the rotary hammer drill perfect for drilling into stone and masonry. It features a vibration damping handle, speed preselection and electro-pneumatic hammer action.
  • Ferrex Wall Chaser – Take the hand work out of chiselling with this wall chaser. It comes with an aluminium guard, an auxiliary handle and an 8-30mm cut width,

Ferrex tools reviews – What’s the verdict?

So far, the general reviews about Ferrix tools have been strong. On its website, ALDI allows users reviews for its entire Ferrix range, with most of its tools receiving 4 star reviews or better. However, there are a few products that have received poor reviews. Some of their cordless tools have been panned, with the ‘Li-Ion Cordless Angle Grinder’ getting 2.5 stars out of 5 and the ‘Li-Ion Cordless Orbital Sander getting 1.5 stars out of 5. The main complaints about these products is their poor battery life and unreliability.