Festival Essentials

    Looking for a rucksack to carry all my food, clothers etc. so will need to be about 70 litres anyone know of a good brand to go for.
    Also need to get some Wellies don't want to pay a lot for these as hopefully they won't be needed. If anyone knows where i could get some from that would be great.


    I got a pair of wellies from Priceless shoes for £3 once!
    Not exactly the most comfortable boots but what do want for 3 pounds.

    If there's no Priceless Shoes where you are, i'd reconmend checkin out the cheap ass shoe stores. You know the ones that sell plastic shoes as leather?

    as for a festival bag, i use something like this (CLICKY!) with my own customised straps. Its not exactly practical but once the tent is set up you're not gonna care!
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