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    Advice please. Is it legal to sell on festival tickets at face value.? Due to unforseen circumstances :-( I have one (possibly two) weekend tickets for T in the Park that I dont need. I wouldnt have thought anyone would have a problem if it was non profit transfer. I actually thought there was a website for this type of exchange.

    Any pointers from someone in the know please ..or the right site.



    read the t&c's on the tickets, then if you are allowed to sell them on, your allowed to list them here as long as they are face value + any fees you would have got e.g. p&p cost + credit card fees (ticketmaster do these fees)…pdf

    Ticket holders are advised to check their tickets upon receipt. The … Ticket holders are advised to check their tickets upon receipt. The ticket is valid for the admission ofone person only. If any part of the ticket is removed it may invalidate the ticket, and any personthought reasonably to have a fraudulent or counterfeit ticket will be refused entry to the venuewithout a refund. This ticket is nontransferable and cannot be re-sold for profit. This ticket is issuedsubject to the promoter’s right to alter or vary the eventCircumstances where We may consider that a Ticket is being resold in the course of business include:1) Where a Ticket is sold or advertised for sale for profit (as defined below) through anymedium not authorised by Us, including through unauthorised online auction or otherwebsites. Such a sale will be assessed in the light of the factors set out at 2 & 3 below.2) Where a single Ticket reseller frequently advertises or offers tickets for resale for thesame event or multiple events.3) Where we reasonably consider that a Ticket offered for resale has originally been purchased withthe specific intention of offering it for resale for profit and with no intention for the original purchaseror a friend or associate of the purchaser to make use of the Ticket by attending the event.4) Where we offer an authorised exchange, return or resales facility, a Ticket offered for resale forprofit more than fourteen days before the event takes place and through sales channels thathave not been authorised by Us will automatically be considered to be a business transaction.Such a sale will be assessed in light of factors set out at 2 & 3 above. If a ticket is offered forresale for profit less than fourteen days before the event takes place then We may determinewhether We consider this to be a business transaction by taking other factors into considerationincluding:a. The number of tickets being offered for sale by the ticket reseller.b. Any evidence that You or someone for whom You have boughtthe ticket can provide regarding the fact that he/she cannot attendthe event for genuine reasons.c. Whether a third party business (such as an online auction site orother such ticket resale facilitator) not authorised by Us willbenefit financially by way of commission or other fee fromfacilitating the resale of the ticket, particularly if that financialbenefit varies according to the price paid for the resold ticket. Re-selling a Ticket for profit means any re-sale that seeks a price that is higher than the face value of the ticket and therelevant booking fee and/or handling fee (if any) that you paid for the Ticket. Where a Ticket is offered for resale in line with these terms and conditions, you must provide to the buyer full details ofthe ticket. Full details include, if printed on the ticket, the block or tier, row and seat number as well as the name of theoriginal supplier and any booking reference number. Buyers must also be made aware of these terms and conditionsand any other terms and conditions that are specific to the event. You should check whether any special terms applybefore offering a free Ticket for resale. Free tickets are often provided for specific reasons limiting their transferability.

    [email protected]'s may state not transerable etc but not illegal.
    Ticketmaster have their own resale site
    Where did you purchase from?


    try ] sold a couple of tickets on there easy peasy

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    [email protected]'s may state not transerable etc but not illegal.Ticketmaster have … [email protected]'s may state not transerable etc but not illegal.Ticketmaster have their own resale siteWhere did you purchase from?

    Yeah they are from Ticketmaster - but they specifically said no refunds cos I did think about handing one back. I did actually think tickets said non-transferable but I know it goes on. I would rather be up front and legit in their sale though. It is getting too close to the gig now to be starting messing with Ticketmaster. Obviously only just got the physical tickets posted out.
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