Few Q's for nokia n95 on orange

    i have read the orange software for this particular fone is terrible and some options are restricted

    if that is the case

    1. Can i debrand the fone? Anyone know how and where?

    2. Can i unlock the fone? Or is it through the orange themselves only?



    Most Markets can now unlock for £20 can't remember how much orange charge

    1. Yes you can debrand you will You will need to change the product code of the phone with Nemesis service suite to a generic (non network) code then run Nokia Software Updater to download and install the latest generic firmware.

    2.You can unlock the N95 with the BB5

    I got one on o2 at the weekend, its coming tomorrow, is o2's software bad?

    Original Poster

    nice info will this have any side effects when debranding such as crashing freezing slowness etc?

    and both them freely available software?

    nah mate go to a nokia centre nearby they update the software automatically which debrands it basically and unlock it from orange for 20 quid.
    Nokia update for free.

    Original Poster

    LOL u sure that they by updating the latest software it debrands it too?

    yep ive done it a few times and dont laugh at me LOL. only jk

    but yh it can be done by tht.
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