Few questions regarding my current TV and whether or not I can find a decent replacement?

    Hi guys. I see a lot of you members on here have some good knowledge when it comes to TV's and I was hoping you could help me out?

    What it is, I have an Hitachi 42 PD5200 E which I must have bought around 10+ years ago. I was wondering whether or not this TV is capable of playing Blu Rays? Will it broadcast HD and do you think the picture will be any good? With it lacking HDMI, will it also be compatible with an Android box?

    Also, I have around £400, maybe £450 max put aside in the hope of finding a new TV which will eventually replace my Hitachi plasma. I'm looking for a screen size of 48 inches and smart features if possible? As well as a picture that is going to be better than my Hitachi?

    Do you think I will find a TV within my budget that will be a worthwhile upgrade to my plasma, or will I be left disappointed? Any advice would be much appreciated


    If your TV doesn't have an HDMI input then it won't play any form of bluray player etc.

    There are plenty of great LED Smart TVs that may even be a 3D compatible as a bonus around the £400 mark.
    A LED smart will have an exception upgrade on picture quality to Plasma.
    Quick search on Amazon shows Panasonic TX-50A400B for £450. 50" Smart LED TV. I'm sure they'll be better deals with a bit of research


    Price: £465.99
    I've been thinking about buying this but waiting till January sales till I make my decision

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    AV forums seem to give the Panasonic a really bad review stating that it fails a lot with regards to colour and contract. Whilst also lacking calibration controls. Meaning there's no way of even tweaking it to a more acceptable standard.

    I think I read somewhere recently that the Samsung gets a really good review but it may just be above my budget. I would however be willing to pay that price if it came with a 5 year warranty.

    3D doesn't really appeal to me as I can't see me ever using it and I'm thinking with a 48 inch screen it may give me slightly better picture quality/performance over a 50 inch at this price range.

    Hmm lol

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    Cheers arachnoid. Do you know where I can find an independent review of the 48inch version? Doesn't seem to be much coming up on google..

    I'm thinking of maybe waiting a little longer, saving more cash and then go for the Samsung UE48H6400 as it seems to receive excellent reviews all round.

    Even though it has 3D, which I'm not too fussed about, going by the reviews, it does look like a no risk purchase and a TV I'm almost certain to be happy with (picture quality as well as smart features).

    Well I have never had any issues with Samsung televisions and whilst they are usually slightly dearer than some mainstream brands they are a cracking screen and operating system.You might try av forums for reviewers they have a good techie crowd over there.
    If you going to put more money in look at future proofing yourself and go for a Samsung Smart TV as it saves you having additional things like a Chromecast hanging off it.
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    Ok cheers, will have a look mate.

    I really do like the looks of the Samsung UE48H6400. If nothing else comes up that will match the picture quality, connectivity and smart features..I will probably buy this sometime in January.

    I'm nit picking here - but why did they add that silly looking stand to it? A nice pair of feet, like we see on the Sony range would have looked much nicer as well as being more stable. I have a 14 month old girl who loves lingering around the TV and even though I would strap/secure any TV this size to the wall - more so with this one. I'm guessing it's to allow it to swivel, but hey ho.

    Could any of you guys suggest a reasonable price I should ask for when the time comes to sell my Hitachi 42 PD5200 E Plasma? I know I'm not looking at much and it kills me to have to sell it lol!

    The stand is more of an after thought these days as many people wall mount them ergo an additional income for the seller as an add on.If you do purchase one go through Quidco or Total cash back to get a bit of a rebate on the sales price.
    As for selling have a look for similar models on sale on the likes of ebay or gum tree as a guide
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