Fewest possible clicks to internet-share an image from Windows 7?

    I have so many ways to get an image onto the internet it's not funny. I can ftp to my webspace, share a Dropbox folder, imgur from my phone or tab, there's Facebook ... and the list goes on.

    so why do i keep ending up logging in to Photobucket and waiting for that old thing to load very time I need to paste a URL for a post? (coz that's where I put my pics and it does drag-n-drop now so...)

    I want to just right-click an image and have a working URL to it in my clipboard within a few clicks from within Windows (7).

    What do you use to chuck an image in a post right quick when the fancy takes you?

    Thoughts So Far.

    Run a script on my desktop that either does the upload by ftp or runs my ftp prog, puts it in the right place and knows what URL to put into clipboard. Could be AutoHotkey, php or Python, I've used all three. Then there's Visual Studio to have some fun with but I've only seen the odd tutorial about that.

    I seriously could build a web app to do this in php. Much better than a script run locally - I could use it on any computer. Plenty of issues putting it on the internet though... plenty...

    Or can Windows 7 actually do this? How do I put a meaningful, useful contextual command in the right-click menu and what language do I have to use to make it do something? Batch?

    Yeah so anyway, you are my number one go to for questions I have no idea who to ask about so any direction would help me look even cleverer to those who consider me IT expert.


    You could try a web-disk. Copy and paste to an online folder, that appears to be a local folder on your computer. As far as I know you'd need a paid website/server for this, but if you did it any image you copy/pasted into your local web-disk folder should appear pretty quickly. For example, if you use this method to upload a file called holiday.jpg to your website, it should appear instantly online at the url…jpg

    There are probably several similar methods like this out there. This is one thing I came across using basic Shared Linux cPanel Webhosting services.
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    Don't some of the image upload sites have applications to install and use?

    To make this yourself though you would need a address and ftp access, create the shell acceess to add the right click menu. I guess I could write the software myself with an editable config for address, username, password to the FTP. Let me know how you get on.

    I think Google+ and Google Drive also support dragging an dropping.

    Original Poster

    I installed:

    Right click -> Send To -> Imgur
    by iamhrh (Reddit)

    From Click "download" after page loads to get latest version, idk why)

    If you see a pentagon here it works:

    To begin with:
    - Install the thing
    - put shortcut on desktop

    To upload images and get link:
    - drag image onto shortcut
    - click "original"
    - copy URL of page that opens

    I think you can reduce that further with settings but idk yet...

    Problem solved

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