FFS - Xbox scratched disc!

    So my new fifa 10 arrives today, half way through the first game of it a message appears on screen saying that the disc needs to be wiped with a soft cloth because there is dirt on it or something. So I tried that and the same message appeared during the second game

    Had a look at the disc and there is a scratch on it already! The xbox must have done it, absolutly fuming. I've tried wiping it with a soft cloth but its not doing much, every game starts and then the message appears

    any tips as to what to do?


    Install it to the HD?
    Send it back?

    most game and gamestation shops do a scratch repair service for about £3


    Same happened to us with our fifa 10 & we took it to Gamestation - cost £2 to have it cleaned & its working fine again & you could see the mark on the disk clearly beforehand. They also advised us to make sure the xbox360 is lying flat & not upright in case it gets nudged as this can cause the laser to damage disks.

    Hows your xbox positioned?

    People say its better to have it horizontal.

    It happened to a couple of mine I had them repaired at a local gameshop for £2

    lesson learned - always install to hd
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