Fiancee's 22nd Birthday Present !! HELP PLEASE!!

Found 25th Mar 2008
I am getting married in july but my Fiancee (female) birthday is on the 3rd April.

I am looking for some present idea's if anyone has any - good deals they have seen lately or just good idea's.

I will be taking her out for dinner and I am just looking for the present to go along with it.

Price range (not really set) but if possible under £80. (Saving like mad for the wedding but if there was something really good would spend more.

Was considering Pink PSP that was posted on here earlier ... but not sure.

Thanks in advance for any help!!
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A Pachislo Machine - I have one for sale under the sale/trade section!.
Brilliant pressie!! :thumbsup: ha ha
wrong forum
Moved to correct forum thanks for letting us know
Get her a DS. Women love em!
What sorts of things does she like/what interests her? If she likes playing games and likes pink then the PSP sounds perfect, especially if you get a few games to go with it so she doesn't have to fork out money before she can make use of it.

I know it sounds obvious, but try putting yourself in her shoes and think about all the things she likes, what she has talked about, what kinds of things make her happy, what things would make her life easier, etc. More often than not, when I do that with my OH I find all sorts of ideas suddenly pop into my head that would make a suitable present.
how about a pampering session
Spa day with a friend would be good
How about weekend away to local city?

Framed poster of fave band?


Purse with money in it so can also choose something she would like?


Hope some of these give you food for thought and help!
Toni and Guy haircut

Make-over on Benefit stand, thats a good one.
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