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Posted 21st Nov
I'm with Vodafone on their Superfast 2 package for £26 a month, just got an email saying I need to either cancel, sign up for a fresh 18 month contract to keep my contract price at £26 a month or get hit with a £2.50 increase a month.

I want similar speeds at a similar price, what do you reccomend?

Has anyone heard of origin broadband?
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Wow i was paying £20 with talktalk but line was 63mbps
I’d rather connect two tin cans and a piece of string than use talktalk again after their last useless security breach!

I’m just about stopping the telephone calls with BT Call Guardian on my telephone, best thing that I have ever bought.
I'm thinking of three broadband - most people don't compare upload speeds - I upload images to the cloud as a backup so need more capacity. Three allows you to ditch the phone line and is faster than Vodafone Broadband was although theirs. My speeds of three broadband are 30 up 30down. Worth checking. £17 per month plus a possible £65 cashback.
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