Posted 9th Jun 2022
Spotted this so thought i'd share.

For those that like a sweet treat without hefty calories and high fibre, the bars are pretty decent but now Fibre One have unveiled a new doughnuts range.

Available in two flavours, Chocolate and Strawberry & Cream, the Fibre One 90 Calorie Doughnuts are coated in a rich topping with sweet sprinkles. Each portion is claimed to offer functional benefits thanks to a high-fibre content. The doughnuts come in packs of four and are individually wrapped (RRP: £2.89)

No fixed date but states launching this summer

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    I did a little research, and the key ingredient of these products appears to be a sugar alternative called "oligofructose". It's naturally occuring, is considered a dietary fibre, and produces gas.…ide
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    Look tasty, but would never pay £2.89, £1 max
    Yeah, would never pay that either!

    Usually you can find the bars on offer at one of the supermarkets, likely this will be the same (I hope!)
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    The launch will be supported by a £1.5m marketing campaign including Out of Home, social, VOD, influencers and PR in a phased approach to ensure maximum reach, with bursts in autumn 2022 and spring 2023.
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    It'll be interesting to see how these fare in the Slimming World (and Weight Watchers etc) plan

    Hopefully they'll be covered by a HexB (edited)
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    Fibre One bars are nice specially the lemon one but have been expensive and usually only buy them when on offer
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    What’s the upload speed?
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