Fibreglass seal over lead around chimney

Posted 9th Jun 2021
First time asking in discussions. It's been at the back of my mind that the lead flashing around the chimney has been there possibly since the year dot and is probably getting due for replacement. The stack is shared between my neighbour and myself, but they are a PIA. Everything is 'theirs' if they want to do something, but mine if money needs to be spent!

I had a cold call from a roofer today who said about using fibreglass matting over the top of the lead and it would be guaranteed for 10 years. It's not what I would normally do - do the job properly and forget about it is what I stick by - but the neighbours will hopefully will be gone in a decade.

Has anyone had this sort of thing done before? Is is any good? Or is it best avoided? The cost is a fraction of what another neighbour said they had paid for one of their chimneys to be done. At least we only have the one to worry about?
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