!!! Fiddle Sticks !!!

    That was sooooooo a penalty

    Kuyt is a a jammy Dirk
    Or the ref's a blind Dirk


    ... .............. :w00t:................

    The ref was lenient, but too lenient!

    Only God knows qhat he was thinking, if you look at any view (especially his) it was a blatant penatly!

    What a mug!

    Yeah was a sure penalty but we've all had ludicrous decisions against us this season! Im just really glad we got that away goal! Can't wait for next Tuesday. Saturday should be good too although it probably means more to Arsenal to win to keep up with title race.

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    good game tho kudos to the scousers they did well.
    defended well and got what they wanted.
    i knew it was all gonna go pear shaped as soon as we took the lead.
    we can't defend


    we can't defend

    Don't know about that, Bendtner done a good goal line clearance! :-D

    Original Poster

    muwahhh ha haaa

    Sky Sports commentator pointed out that ref lives/lived/was born (delete ass applicable) within 5 miles of were Kuyt lives/lived/was born (delete ass applicable).

    Quick to point out that they aren't implying anything but I assume someone went and researched that statistic!!


    from a manc you should kick there arsenal back at the tip ground
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