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Found 12th Jul
Hi, can anyone advise how I can find out whether I own a hedge that is a boundary between my neighbours field and mine.

I have always believed I own it and have paid for it to be cut each year, but my neighbour now tells me he thinks it is his.
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Check your deeds
As said deeds.

Another possibility for some things - you can try looking at the inclosure act (sometimes called enclosure) for the area. The inclosure act for our village includes details of which land takes responsibility for drainage ditches and hedges. These acts are responsible for a lot of the straight roads which can often be misdescribed as 'roman'.
Where do the main roots go? Into your boundary?
ASongOfFireAndIce12th Jul

Where do the main roots go? Into your boundary?

The field is a rectangular shape. One of the longer sides borders the road.

The other longer side is the one in question, the main roots of the hedge I believe would be in my field as immediately on my neighbours side is a ditch.
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