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    Hi there, have found Fifa 07 for PS2 at £29.99 at HMV, and Tesco. can anyone help me and find it cheaper? Would be eternally grateful!



    I think you just may have missed out, last week it was pratically everywhere for £24.99. They were making a big deal about the price war and the shops were saying they are not making enough profit out of it (yeah right!)

    Anyway, Sainsbary's currently have 20% off entertainment items so it should be a bit cheaper there - instore.

    yeah you missed the boat, cheapest was Asda, for £24.83 (ish)

    and Tesco's were doing it for £26.61 (ish).

    but cheapest right now is Asda at £29.83


    Umm... not so...

    At blahDVD its £29.99. If your a new customer there is a £2 off code (can sign up with different e-mail) making it £27.99...

    At Virgin its £29.99 but there is a 10% off code making it £26.99...

    Both free delivery.

    BlahDVD = 5%
    Virgin = 5.5%

    So virgin is the better to go for :-D makes it £25.51.

    Hope that helps rather than just saying you missed it

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    Thanks for all your replies - just like me to miss out!!! I've already got one copy for my son but his best friend wants it too!!!

    Thanks again - if anyone can find it cheaper then please post deal.

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