FIFA 08 360 League

As I don't have PES (and have no intention of getting it), I'm quite jealous of the Pro Evo league that Hustler has set up. So if anyone is PESless like me and would like to start a similar competion on the Xbox, I'll not post rules etc yet till I can see some interest. But I would like to loosley base it on the same sort of rules as Hustler's.

Just stick your preferred team (no internationals) below.

Team Newcastle (they may win a game this way).


lol good luck with being newcastle.

I wont be in your league, im not home enough but sometime i will play ya in fifa if you want


Original Poster

I'll play you after 1930, gotta get the nipper of to bed. Gamertag is stobbsmiester (put HUKD in your message somethere) just in case I think your some random loon I met on another game.

its not gonna be this week more likely to be start of next week when i see my xbox again lol

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Ah, OK still add me when you can.

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Surely somebody else must have a bit of sense and prefer Fifa to PES????

yeah i do steveocole ill play ya

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Anymore Takers for a league?
Currentley we have Paddy_o_Furniture - NUFC and steveocole MUFC

Wont be able to play my 360 just blew up

typical, wont be buying another im already on my third.

Original Poster

not in warranty?????

no mate out of warranty i just checked that earlier, typical huh

sorry mate

i just created a league [url][/url]
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