Fifa 09: Gamertag BAZIM

Hi guys

just happened to play this wa**er and within 5 mins of playing the game (i was man utd vs chelsea), he claimed I was cheating, and that he was part of MS UK division.

Said the game was being recorded for Youtube and that he would see to it that my GT was band from XBL lol

Anyone else had (or wanna play this knob)? BAZIM is the GT, so please add him!! Does anyone know of anyone that works for MS? I aint worried, but just wanted to warn others about his person.


what a pri*k. he sucked at the game i guess. would like to see the youtube vid tho :thumbsup:

i feel bombardment comming on...... Chelsea fan though? arent they all sore loosers?

probably chatting bs

hes defo not working for ms, for one they dont record their games then put it on youtube where anyone can view it lol

also when you get banned, they dont tell you during the game they send you and email to your hotmail account explaining the situation
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