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    Heard recently off a friend of a friend, that there is a site you can sign up to, add people's Playstation 3 name, then basically play against them online for money.

    Can anyone confirm this, and if so, name the site, or sites please? The guy mentioned a site, but can't remember it at all, and brief Google search didn't bring many hits that looked like what i was looking for. Would have thought if was ture and a big thing, woulda appeared early on in Google, else i was just using wrong search criteria, lol!

    Any help would be appreciated, although in a short time, i'll probs be regretting it, if find myself on a losing streak, haha!



    its not that one thats on sky is it?

    Original Poster

    Hi mate, dunno, dunno the Sky thing you mean.

    This guy has an Xbox 360, knew i had PS3, and i'm almost 100% positive he meant for them.

    Infact, was him that said you add person's Playstation name, etc, so musta meant for PS3 at least anyway.

    Thanks for reply though.

    Anyone else? is what i was thinking about.
    Im sure there will be others

    Original Poster

    Ok, will have a wee look.

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