Found 20th Mar 2009
Just wondering if anyones got this? I know they have 5 trials or something, DLC is pretty big to say its an add-on. Is it any good? Can't seem to get my head around whats different, seems you start with a certain amount of money, build a dream team, each game you play online you get money (if you win) to buy new players.

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Just played 2 games and my blood pressure has risen by about a million.

So frustrated, reallllllly carp players, haven't even heard of one. Quite laggy gameplay (server problems no doubt) and its fair glitchy, 2-1 down, scored a goal in the 90th minute, offside - looked at the replay, nowhere near offside - its like the game has already determined whos won.

Also, downloading the game is okay, buying the game is silly - over an hour ago tried buying it and it still says ''Pending''

How much is it after the trial


£.7.99 - WTF!

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How much is it after the trialEdit£.7.99 - WTF!


Its really frustrating atm. Mostly because the players are rubbish, and when you play 6 games, you can get silver packs - but they cost 2,500 points which is like 3-4 games.

Its basically like the trading card games, but you get to play your players, stadiums, managers, kits, badges, training pitches - its pretty in depth, gonna take a while to get into it though.

Possibly ruined by the stupid 'perks' you can activate during gameplay eg. Strict Ref, Low Morale etc.

Just playing trial now, and its pretty good tbh. But its still just football.

How do you activate perks btw


Just playing trial now, and its pretty good tbh. But its still just … Just playing trial now, and its pretty good tbh. But its still just football.How do you activate perks btw

You press select, and it bring up a menu on the left, and you choose your perk by pressing the appropriate button on the D-pad.

I'm quite impressed with this - I might have to buy it, lol! :thumbsup:
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